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Wood Firings

Wood Firings
Wood firing is something that I had always wanted to try/experience and I am most fortunate that the Murwillumbah Potter’s Group has a wood kiln at the Fernvale location
The wood fired kiln was built by JIm Hall (pictured above).  Ann Lee (also pictured above) is instrumental in the success of the wood firings at Fernvale.
I’ve participated in two wood firings and I found several things surprising.

For one, it is a tremendous amount of work!  I worked the midnight to morning shift both times stoking the kiln and it was a killer – heat, physically difficult – but fun!!!
Another epiphany about the wood firings is that the type of piece and the glaze put on the piece are both very important.  Each piece must be suited to the earthy, ash glazes that result from the wood fire.  Also, the delicate, carefully thrown pieces don’t look as good as the more rustic, hand-built pieces.  Sculpture is especially nice in the wood fired kiln.
The most recent wood firing at the Murwillumbah Potters Group, Murwillumbah, NSW was a huge success!
Written by Marian Williams

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