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Setting Up A Pottery Studio: The Beginning

Setting Up A Pottery Studio: The Beginning
Setting up a studio begins with a wheel (in my opinion), shelves, and a few tools.  All the rest will fall into place over time.  This space used to be a laundry room, so although small, it is cozy, with great light, and secure doors- snakes are a problem here!  I bought a used Venco wheel from Picasso Ceramics

So I began small and never could have believed the treasures that could be found in Australia!
The studio was pretty basic – no frills, but I didn’t really care – I could throw a pot on my own time, anytime I wanted!

Written by Marian Williams


  1. smartcat · January 11, 2012

    Happy New Studio…being able to pot in pajamas is one of the joys of one’s own space!

    Found you via Cold Spring Pottery Studio via WHYNOT POTTERY

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