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Setting Up A Pottery Studio: Phase 2

Setting Up A Pottery Studio: Phase 2
The second phase of setting up my pottery studio involved adding more equipment.  I had settled into my “room”-decorated with Aboriginal art-chinese kites-tables, chairs and, of course, lots of inspirational photos of other people’s pottery that I admire.  I had my most eclectic menu of music on my iPod player, a sweet breeze, and a mini fridge filled with diet coke (of course) and water – no chocolate though as I can’t be trusted.  Out front, there were benches and fantastic hammock swings for relaxing and having those soul-searching moments.  It was awesome!
And…then..Brad at Picasso’s Ceramics told me about a fibre-lined gas kiln that was for sale!!! Exciting!!! I had always “wished” for a gas kiln (as I believe that only gas can give you the flow, colours, and depth of glazes that I coveted), but never dreamed I would be able to have one of my own, let alone learn how to use it.  That is when the evolution of my studio started.

Originally, my studio was completely housed in the lower part of this building (seen in the photo above) which was the offices for Griffith Tablecraft.

Behind the front office, there is a huge barn (or shed  in Aussie speak), where the furniture was made.  It is enormous!  In fact, according to the picture of the building of the pole barn, it is the largest one in the world!  But, I’ve heard since it is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.
So when we bought the fibre-lined gas kiln from a lovely lady who was moving into assisted living, we also gained the remainder of her studio-all of her tools, equipment and  old clay.  Lucky me! but I needed more room, so my studio space then expanded into the big barn.
Moving the kiln, pug mill, wheel, and years of other equipment and tools was no easy task, but what a find!  My studio just moved from quite adequate to simply amazing!  I had no experience or knowledge of this type of kiln, so I was in for a learning curve-but a fun one!  It was in good nick and required only the attaching of some fibre around the door.
In addition to the kiln and pug mill, we also got a Venco wheel, all of her chemicals for glazing, tools, kiln furniture and shelves and heaps more!  Now the task to make pots is set!
Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anonymous · January 15, 2012

    I love your studio. Thanks for sharing the history of the building now known as your studio, that is very interesting. What an awesome place to make pottery! -Hattie

  2. Marian Williams · January 16, 2012

    Thanks! You should come see it in person sometime!

  3. Anonymous · January 18, 2012

    I would love to come see it in person!! It looks so fun! -Hattie

  4. Steve McDonald · January 19, 2012

    Thanks for sharing your blog on my website. I love the pole shed, and frankly, I’m a little jealous of you set-up!!! What a cool place. I always love to see funky studios like yours. Great job and thanks again.

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