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Foodie Pottery: Food Looks Better On Pottery

Foodie Pottery: Food Looks Better On Pottery
In the 90’s, I attended a workshop at Pine Mills Pottery in Pine Mills, Texas.  David Leach was doing a workshop for Daphne and Gary Hatcher as the two of them had apprenticed with David in the 70’s.
Gary’s Work

Daphne’s Work
As part of the weekend workshop, the Hatchers provided the evening meal which was served in the studio.  It was the first time I had ever seen pottery serving food in such a way that it made the food seem grander, tastier, more beautiful  – it was definitely a foodie experience!  The banquet that they served that night in their studio blew my mind! – not just the food, but the presentation and the beautiful serving dishes.
Platter by Daphne Hatcher
The huge, gorgeous pottery platters laden with meats, the gloriously glazed bowls filled with fresh salads and the gorgeous goblets of wine made the experience seem so synthesised – one could enjoy the tastes of the food while admiring the beautiful art work of their pottery.
It was then that I had one of those “epiphany” moments – that was the type of pottery that I hoped someday to create!  I have worked to that end since and have only recently begun to have some mildly acceptable results.
Here is a platter and a bowl that I recently made – it is a start!
Written by Marian Williams

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