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PotterLove: Gary Huntoon

PotterLove: Gary Huntoon


Of all the potters that I know, have studied with, or attended their workshops, one stands head and shoulders above the rest.  His name is Gary Huntoon.
 I first met Gary when my friend, Judith Wagenseller of the House of Clay in Oklahoma City, and I attended a workshop at the Kerrville Arts Center in Kerrville, Texas.  We had a blast, returned the next year and became good friends with Gary.

Here’s a (very poorly set-up!) shot of a box I made at that workshop.  My daughter, Liz, found it in some old photos and scanned it for me (thanks!).  Not bad for early work, although Judith and I tried to “copy” his work exactly!  The washes used on this piece are a really wonderful addition to any glaze pallet and I’m blogging about that wash soon!

Gary and his “carpenter” tools for pottery
Gary Huntoon
Gary Huntoon’s Puffy Lids-Magic!
Source of pictures above
Gary’s work is impeccable.  His work shows the precision of a master potter, with many of his techniques resembling those of a master carpenter.  My personal favourites are his porcelain hand built mugs-sublime!
Written by Marian Williams

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