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Glazes: Attention to detail

Glazes: Attention to detail
It’s All In the DETAILS!!!
It’s all in the details!  That is a commonly used phrase, but how can it apply to glazes on pottery?  In Dick Lehman’s blog post , he writes about “seeing and appreciating the details”.
Do you see anything amazing about this test tile? (I know, it’s cracked!)  At first neither did I!   This was a test tile of Greg Daly glazes and most of them came out looking pretty good, but I saw no big “Wows!”.   Until I noticed one small little area where some magic occurred!

Thankfully on this tile I did take good notes!  So I know that to get that result I need to put Greg Daly S67 iron brown on the rim after pouring Greg Daly’s F Base Glaze on bowl. I then added Gary Huntoon’s Wash to the rim.

The recipe for Gary Huntoon’s Wash is:
50% gertsley borate
50% rutile
Make a very thin mixture and then use it in a painterly fashion, sparingly!
Thanks Gary for allowing me to pass this along!

Here is a bowl that I just recently fired that had this glaze combo on it!  It is much prettier in person, but hopefully this photo will give you a clue to how it looks.
I do think that the secret to achieving great glazes is in paying attention to the subtle differences and effects of layering glazes.
Greg Daly is a master at noticing the subtle beauty of a small section of a test tile – which can reward you with a great glaze effect.  He encourages all to look for the little areas that have magic!

A great resource for more information on washes and their use is at:  Click here

Written by Marian Williams

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