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PotterLove: Roger Law

PotterLove: Roger Law
Roger Law
Holy Cow!  How is it that I have never HEARD of or SEEN any of the work of Roger Law?  His work is totally amazing!  The sculpturist carving of the clay, the detail, the artistry-what can I say…I’m not worthy, nor shall I ever be! 

“Roger Law spent the 1960s and early 70s as an illustrator and cartoonist for newspapers and magazines all over the world, including theObserver, the Sunday Times, Private Eye andNewsweek. In 1975 he teamed up with Peter Fluck to produce 3D caricatures, to great success, and the pair then co-created Spitting Image, staying with the show for the entire 12-year run. Law now lives in Sydney”and makes ceramics.”

Roger Law Ceramics – this link takes you to his website, which highlights his amazing work.

This link features an interview with Roger Law and gives great insight to the artist.

Written by Marian Williams

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