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The older I get, the more in love I fall with wheels!  So my sweet husband, Ronnie, has made sure that almost everything in my studio has wheels!  Sweet!  Here are a few examples of the wheels in my studio!

Wheels on plywood bases for my chemicals
This, I like to call, my “Bat Mobile”! Ha!!!
I use this to go to classes, workshops, guilds.  It fits the clay, aprons, etc inside and a paint bucket attachment (the cloth thingy) from the local hardware store (slit at the side with scissors) serves as a place to put my tools.
This was an old golf bag caddy! So my husband took off a couple of pieces, added a plywood base and now I have a great little cart for moving heavy buckets!  (See below)
This is the golf caddy/bucket mover in action!
This was found by a friend and will the newest addition to the studio when it has wooden shelves added to make a ware cart!
All in all, as potters, we must protect our health – our backs – as best we can!  So a few wheels added to our daily used equipment will only improve the odds!  Most of the wheels are recycled off other items (old office chairs, etc), but the cost of a few wheels is far cheaper than a hospital bill!
Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anonymous · March 4, 2012

    Love the Bat Mobile! -Hattie

  2. Marian Williams · March 6, 2012

    Yes, my effort at a bit of humour! HaHa! It works really well though!

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