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You light up my life! Luminaries!

You light up my life! Luminaries!
Aren’t these awesome!  These Porcelain lamps by Jane Thelwell at Anglin Bay Pottery in Kingston, Ontario are engrained with rice which burns out during the firing, leaving the small indentations and holes in the clay for light to come through.
Anglin Bay Pottery 
Lantern Festival blog
Here is her blog post on the how and why of making the lamps: Post
I decided to try to make a luminary – how hard could it be?
First, I did a bit of research about the other types of luminaries that potters are making.
These luminaries by Arryn are so fun!  The colours, shapes, and attitude of these pieces are just  wonderful.
  Saw these and had to add them to my favourites!  Great idea-very unique-from Prague!
After doing a bit more recon on Google images for luminaries, I decided to use Southern Ice Porcelain as it is available here in Australia, was created in Australia, and is super transparent.  Several of the sites that I looked at are here:
Click to see Danica Wichtermann’s beautiful luminaries from Southern Ice Porcelain.
Kanimbla Clay
Very, very cool!
Love ’em!!!!

Since I had decided to use Southern Ice Porcelain, I decided to a little research on the clay.

Les Blakebrough
Southern Ice Porcelain was created by Les Blakebrough and is distributed through Clayworks Australia.  The information Is provided on the Clayworks Australia website for the specs on this amazing clay.  Here is the description on the Clayworks website:
“Truly magnificent, translucent, white porcelain. While it is one of the best porcelains available it is also surprisingly easy to work. For best whiteness and translucency fire in reduction. SOUTHERN ICE has received international recognition as one the world’s best porcelain bodies and is now sold in Europe, UK, USA, NZ, Switzerland, France and Singapore.”
Well…the rice luminaries all fell apart before they were even fired!  Back to the drawing board on that one!  So I decided to throw the Southern Ice Porcelain and OMG! it is fantastic!  The thrown Southern Ice Porcelain luminaries that I carved came out great!  I’ve got more on the way!
Written by Marian Williams


  1. · March 6, 2012

    Marian, this is a great post. I love seeing some of the other luminaries and lanterns that other potters are creating. Thanks for including my work in your post. I appreciate it!

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