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Oh Baby! Convert me!

Oh Baby! Convert me!
In Australia, a couple of times a year, you can put out “large rubbish” for collection.  These rubbish piles at the side of the road tend to become a never-ending garage sale and even the repentant garage sale shopper can be lured to the roadside castaways – or treasures as it were! My husband, Ronnie, is no exception!  When he came home with this “perfectly good baby stroller/pram”, I was a bit surprised and wondered “what the heck!?” as I am well-past needing a pram!
Ever the inventor for my pottery studio, Ronnie came up with a plan to convert the stroller (which by the way, was in excellent condition and one of those really expensive jogging strollers with the really nice wheels!) into a pottery tools cart.
If you have seen the posts of my studio, you would have seen the studio is located in a huge barn and to move things from one place to another can be annoying.  So, this was the perfect idea.
After stripping off the fabric and a few of the structural pieces, he added a “hour-glass shaped” piece of plywood.
I painted the plywood a lovely blue.
Added velcro strips – the heavy duty kind –  to the painted plywood and to the bottoms of all the containers and dividers.  Easy peasy!
I used some IKEA drawer dividers.
Added some styrofoam inserts from an appliance purchase box to hold tools.
Here it is! The finished tool cart!
All in all, it is a great conversion and allows me to keep my tools in one place, while wheeling the cart to the table that I’m using at that time.
Written by Marian Williams


  1. Judy Abdelaziz · March 12, 2012

    Clever idea. Potters usually think up the best ideas for less.

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