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Be Sweet! Jam Jars

Be Sweet! Jam Jars
Jake Johnson: Jake’s Clay Art
I saw these condiment jars on Judy Abdelaziz’s blog –  New Day Pottery.  Really great-I love ’em!
So I checked out Jake Johnson’s website to see more of his work – great stuff!


My particular interest in these jars is that I have an idea!

Wendy Watson and Narelle Higgins are two lovely ladies in Murwillumbah that are involved in raising money to help build schools in Tanzania.  They are doing this by making jam and then selling it at the Murwillumbah Market.

Courtesy Wendy Watson
 This is a photo of the kiln they are using in Tanzania to make the bricks for the school buildings that are going up.
Courtesy Wendy Watson
 Here the fired bricks have been built into the girls’ loo – the latest building finished.

I thought that I might be able to help out by making some jam jars for them to sell along with the jam.  So I’m in the process of making jam jars.

Here are some photos of my work in progress!

At the end of the day, it’s not only our pots that will last into the future, but also our actions.
Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anna · April 2, 2012

    Hi Marian, what a great idea to make the jam pots. Hope that goes well, such a good cause.

  2. Judy Abdelaziz · April 2, 2012

    Good looking jam jars. Great cause.

  3. Anonymous · April 4, 2012

    Wow what an awesome thing to do! That’s so cool. I love all of those Jam Jars! Hattie

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