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Second chances – refiring pots: Will it work?

Second chances – refiring pots: Will it work?
I had a couple of pieces that didn’t reach temperature in my last firing, so I decided to put them back in the kiln on the next firing – no additional glazes – just to see if they would finish firing.
One particular bowl looked awful!  The glaze had cracks, holes, and bare spots. I added no further glaze and then fired to Cone 10.
Here are the results!  Before and after!
Before!  Pretty grotesque!
MUCH Better!  Quite nice actually!

So, it was worth a second chance!  Be sure to check out Mud Colony for my post there.

Written by Marian Williams


  1. Kings Creek Pottery · May 7, 2012

    Awesome! I did my first re-firing a few months ago and learned so much! Now I won’t hesitate to refire something. The bowl is beautiful!!!

  2. Marian Williams · May 8, 2012

    I know…so cool! I have a few other pieces that I may blog about! So worth it to try to “save” or improve a piece. You got nothing to lose!

  3. Kim @frogpondsrock · May 9, 2012

    Did you fire to the same temperature? A friend told me that re-firing was best to a slightly lower temp than the original firing? And I am interested in what you did. I have a couple of pieces I want to re-fire but so far they are just sitting there in the back of the cupboard looking all folorn.

  4. Marian Williams · May 10, 2012

    Hi, Kim, yes, fired to cone 10 Reduction-but higher in the kiln and I rearranged the shelves so that it got to temperature. I have several other things I’m re-firing as well! Can’t hurt and the result could be brilliant! Go for it!

  5. Susie · May 24, 2012

    This SO answers the question that I have been pondering all day. My old L&L seems to be out of adjustment. I unloaded today, after it fired out way too early yesterday and things just don’t seem to have gotten enough heat. I think I have a couple of problems so I’ve ordered 2 new elements and just read how to recalibrate the sitter, so after I get the new elements in and recalibrate, I plan to refire the entire batch. The glazes look like they were just starting to melt when it kicked off. Everything looks underfired. This encourages me to try it again and who knows….right? Thanks bunches…. Susie

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