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PotterLove: Alexandra Copeland

PotterLove: Alexandra Copeland
Alexandra Copeland
I suppose that my only excuse is that I am an American.  I had never heard of Alexandra Copeland.  Sad…but true.  We Americans sometimes focus too closely within our own borders and are not cognisant of the amazing work being done in other countries.  This is the case with Alexandra Copeland.  Her ceramic work is widely recognised and appreciated throughout Europe and she is Australian.
As I am planning a trip to Europe in August, I thought that Alexandra Copeland’s book, An Artists Travel Guide to the Ceramic Museums of Europe, would be the perfect book for me!  Well…it sells on Amazon for $141.00-$1999.00!!!   Wow!  I’d love to have a copy, but will have to figure out a cheaper way to get this book!
This is a self-portrait of Alexandra Copeland.  Source

Her work is absolutely the most impeccable, intricate and colourful that I have seen in ages.

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Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anna · May 13, 2012

    thanks for this recommendation, I’ll look for it myself. Instead of Amazon try:

  2. Marian Williams · May 15, 2012

    Thanks for the suggestion! Had you heard of Alexandra? She is awesome!

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