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Advice to Myself

Advice to Myself

When trying to figure out what kind of work you want to produce – trying to find yourself as an artist – it is good to contemplate everything.

Do I want to throw and alter pottery?
Do I want to raku?
Do I want to sell my work?
At markets?
 At galleries?
What am I doing???!!!!

This post by Lana Wilson is excellent and grand advise to us all!  I intend to follow her advice and see where it leads.  Peace out.

Lana Wilson’s Advice on Developing Your Own Style

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Written by Marian Williams

1 Comment

  1. Annie · June 24, 2012

    Thank you for sharing this Marian. It sure gives me something to think about when it comes to trying to find a direction in which I want to follow or explore more! Thank you 🙂

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