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I left my heart in…No, I left my pottery stuff in Texas!

I left my heart in…No, I left my pottery stuff in Texas!

I’m formerly from Texas, USA!  I didn’t leave my heart there (although I do miss it!   Especially Mexican Food!) I’ve been in Australia for over 8 years!  We’ve become Australian Citizens (we can have dual citizenship-American and Australian!-good deal! – except for the taxes!).

I miss my life in America, but I REALLY have missed a couple of large equipment items from my studio in Texas.  So…this past trip, I decided to bring my slab roller and my extruder back with me on the plane.  My husband broke them down into small pieces, the UPS store packaged them for plane flight ($40!!) and I paid the $100 extra baggage fee to take them on my return flight to Australia!  Amazing that it all worked so well and so inexpensively!  Glad to have them here with me!

Written by Marian Williams

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  1. Anna · July 23, 2012

    now that is commitment to your clay work! glad it worked and can understand why you didn’t just go and buy another set!!

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