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Invasion Of The Pods!

Invasion Of The Pods!

We have Black Bean Tree Pods dropping all around my studio.  I’ve been using them to entertain, Sam (our dog) by throwing the beans for her!  She loves chasing them down!

But I had an inspiration the other day and decided to use them to create something…Something, not sure what!
So this is what has emerged so far!  Pod Bowls!

I sprayed the back side of the pods with WD-40, then slump moulded the clay over the pods.
Much like the technique used in this video by LaPella Art

Back side -stamped
Some of my wooden and handmade stamps

They were super fun to make and let me use lots of my stamps – which I adore making!

I added little tripod feet.

Glazed pod bowls

I played with my glazes and here are some of the results!

I am still not sure about these – they will probably evolve!

Written by Marian Williams


  1. Kings Creek Pottery · August 9, 2012

    They look really fun! Dishes like that are great for just decorating the coffee table, or for holding nuts, candies, etc.

    Your dog is beautiful! A springer? We have two springers of our own 🙂

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