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Pottery Camp! Italian Style!!!

Pottery Camp! Italian Style!!!

La Meridiana International Ceramic School is in the Tuscany area of Italy near the town of Certaldo.

I convinced my husband, Ronnie, that we should try to find La Meridiana International Ceramic School.

It was “sort of” on our way to Cinque Terre! So off we went! I plugged the lat/long coordinates into the GPS and about an hour later- after driving “off-road vehicle roads” – !!! (oh well, it was a rental!) we arrived at the “back” door of La Meridiana.

It was a Sunday and I was soon to learn that it was a day off and not too many folks were around.

However, I was lucky to meet Annie Gutierrez (on the left), a student from southern California, USA, and one of the instructors, Donna Polseno, from Virginia and Italy. Donna was teaching a sculpting class- see projects here:

Her husband, Richard Hensley, was also teaching a throwing class there.

They were absolutely delightful and took time out to show us around.

The facilities are warm and inviting and the studios gloriously suited to doing lots of pottery!

Here is some of the work we saw in the gallery at La Meridiana!

It would be so great to take a class here! Adriana Christianson, Australian potter and blogger, has visited there as well, and raves about it!!!

So anyone game to go next year? But not in August! It’s been freakin HOT!!

Here’s their website: Click here!

And for the schedule click here.
Caoi, baby!!!!


Written by Marian Williams


  1. Ellen Appleby · September 6, 2012

    Looks fantastic – A potter friend of mine lives quite near here – Karin Putsch-Grassi – one day I’ll stay with Karin and do a course at La Meridiana – caio

  2. Brenda · September 8, 2012

    You lucky duck! I am totally envious! It looks gorgeous…what a wonderful opportunity! I’m going to have to do some arm twisting on my hubby!

  3. Sophie · October 4, 2012

    Good Photos and Explanation, Diversity of Japanese Design.
    Here, a gallery in Paris, which has nice japanese art pieces:
    Yakimono Japanese Ceramics

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