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Alabaster Art

Alabaster Art

Although this post isn’t about clay, it is about the creation of art from one of the earths’ treasures – Alabaster! I actually knew nothing about it and was fascinated by what I learned!

In the Tuscany medieval town of Volterra, the carving of alabaster is the main attraction.

Although it is not as “in style” as it once was, the creation of artworks from alabaster is still alive in this small village.

Alabaster comes in four colors and can be easily carved due to its soft composition.

In earlier times, thin sheets of the translucent alabaster were used in cathedral windows- it allowed in light, but was opaque and durable.

The carving of alabaster today is assisted by machines, such as a lathe.

All in all, it allows for the creation of incredible art from one of the earths treasures – much like clay!

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Written by Marian Williams

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  1. Linda Starr · September 23, 2012

    I never knew it came in four colors only knew of white, in the right location it can be striking I think.

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