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Ideas!! or Food for Thought! Pottery Seen In Italy!!

Ideas!! or Food for Thought! Pottery Seen In Italy!!
One of the great parts about traveling is the opportunity to see pottery created by artists outside your normal circle of influence.  While in Italy, I didn’t make extensive efforts to “see” ceramic art as I was travelling with my husband, Ronnie, and I didn’t want to be selfish and see ONLY stuff I wanted to see.
 However, when I did get the opportunity to duck into a shop selling pottery…I did!!
Here are the photos that I quickly snapped with my phone camera! I love the inspiration of looking at others work!

Not that I want to copy – but as I commented on a recent facebook topic  – copying is how we learn-from the alphabet on.  In Austin Kleon’s book, Steal like an Artist – he states that everyone learns by copying, i.e., the Beatles learned to play and create music by playing covers, etc.

So there you have it!  More food for thought and some beautify work by Italian artists.

Written by Marian Williams

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  1. Lori Buff · September 27, 2012

    This work is beautiful and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Besides, learn what is done, than make it your own works well too.

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