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Great Advice on Spraying Glazes!

Great Advice on Spraying Glazes!
Loren Lukens
I’ve been mesmerised by the glaze work of Loren Lukens!  Isn’t this gorgeous!  How does he get all that detail and the mix of those gorgeous colours?  I was wishing I could just talk to him and ask him questions!   So I emailed him!!! Yikes!  You never know if people will be helpful, flattered or annoyed!  But Loren sent me a lovely email and wonderful advice!!!

Here is what Loren Lukens said in his reply email to me:
Hi Marian,
The key to successfully spraying glazes is adequate screening of the
materials. This should be done right before you spray.  I store my glazes in
empty soda bottles, shake them up and screen them through a tea strainer
directly into my sprayer bottle.  I use a couple of small airbrushes for
accent glazes, but my main choice in sprayers is the Iwata RG-3 with a .6 mm
tip.  These are professional quality spray guns and cost a couple of hundred
dollars apiece ( I have 6 of them).  If I were doing it again I would buy
HarborFreight mini spray guns for $20 apiece.  They aren’t as good but so
much cheaper.
Have fun!
Loren Lukens
4208 SW 100St
Seattle, WA 98146
206 935-6740

The great part about the internet and the communications of our world is the ability to connect with others and LEARN!!!  And that’s exactly what we are doing over at Mud Colony- check it out by clicking here!!!!
Written by Marian Williams


  1. Jan · November 1, 2012

    I agree Marian. Loren’s work is beautiful and great advice. I have also emailed artists before with technical questions and been surprised that they are more than happy to respond. I even had one artist that offered to skype with me about an issue.

  2. Lori Buff · November 1, 2012

    That is a beautiful piece, I love his work. I spray a lot of my work but I don’t screen the glaze right before spraying and never have had an issue. I do make sure that they are throughly stirred before and during spraying.

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