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"Glazing" Is Like a Box of Chocolates! Glaze Results!

"Glazing" Is Like a Box of Chocolates! Glaze Results!

I suppose glazing and firing in a reduction gas kiln and expecting specific results is like predicting life – it’s never quite as you had imagined or expected.  Not bad…just different.

To quote Forest Gump, “Life (and firing a gas kiln) is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get.”

But…no whining from me…drum roll please…Here are the results from my latest firing.  Not what I expected!  Just different.

Some of these are going to get some glaze added and I’m going to refire them!  Can’t hurt.

And it definitely won’t hurt to click here and see what’s happening at Mud Colony – a wonderful compendium of pottery blogs!

Written by Marian Williams


  1. Brenda · November 4, 2012

    Beautiful colours! It must be a happy surprise to open the kiln!

  2. Amanda Blum · October 26, 2013

    researching cone10R glazes… I’d love to know more about the glaze on the first mug. I can’t tell if its layered over a celadon base, but I’d love the recipe for the glaze that breaks red/purple/blue.

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