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Geez! What Was I Thinking! Border Art Prize Submission and Sale

Geez! What Was I Thinking! Border Art Prize Submission and Sale
I entered the Border Art Prize at the Tweed Art Gallery on a whim – and GOT Accepted!!!
Yeah!!! The bad news is that I priced my piece as though it was pottery- not ART!!!
I put a price on it of $55.00, which is a nice price for my currently selling pottery….
However, In an art exhibit… looked ridiculous!!! I was the lowest priced object in the whole show!  Embarrassing!!!
See Winners and Exhibitors list Here!
I’ve learned my lesson and in the future will price accordingly.
But….we should put bigger prices on our work-it is WORTH it- it’s all a mind set, eh?
Good news is…it sold!
Another exhibit there was the Rolling Stone Magazine covers through history – really awesome!
 Here are some of MY favs!  Shows my age, eh?!!!
Keep the faith and check out Mud Colony for other pottery posts.
Have a Happy Christmas Holiday and see you in the New Year!
Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anna · December 23, 2012

    Hi Marian
    Pricing is difficult when you are still emerging as an artist. I usually put more on exhibition pieces as there is usually a fairly high commission plus you put your very best pieces into an exhibition – I sell cheaper at market stalls but was amazed at a recent Design Market to see the prices that someone was asking for a small pendant! Three times what I have been asking… so I still have not resolved the dilemma. Have a lovely Christmas.

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