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Oh Oh Here She Comes! She’s a Man-Eater!

Oh Oh Here She Comes! She’s a Man-Eater!
I think this music video from Hall & Oates aptly describes my She-Totem!!!
Oh Oh Here She Comes! She’s A Man Eater!
As I opened my kiln, I’m cringing, thinking of the damage that could have occurred!
Yep, RATS!  the feet to the totem exploded!  Oh well-could be worse!
The two-sided breast plate made it! Yeah!
On the back side, I wrote things that are behind me or are in my past.
 On the front, of course!, there are breasts and imprints of the things I LOVE!
 Here is the breast plate from the side.
 Other breakage was minor – fingers and such!
 The leg sections all made it!
 The tummy section looks good!  Notice that the intestines spell “E” for Elizabeth!  My only and BEST baby!
 The backside of the tummy is just textured.
 Damn those dirt-dobbers!  (Wasps) I fired a piece that they had filled with their concoction and it fired hard as a rock!  Guess they are potters too!
 The head had a bit of damage, but not too bad!
 More appendage damage!  Rock On!
 Here’s the leg sections as they will fit together-too bad the feet blew up-will have to make them again!
This is the base for the tummy and also the guide for the “thigh” section of the legs.
 When put together, it will stack up a bit like this.
 The head will have the “hair” added in.
 Only a few more pieces to make/fire/glaze and the final assemblage can begin!
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Written by Marian Williams

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