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Honourably Mentioned! Wahoo!

Honourably Mentioned! Wahoo!

Wow! I’m flattered, pleased, and so chuffed about my honourable mention by the Pottery Making Info blog on the Top Blog 2012 list!!!!!

Check it out at Pottery Making Info -click!

I’m listed under Tracey Broom’s Blog at Number 8!

8. Tracey Broome… Clay

Tracey Broome Clay

Tracey Broome Clay
The Personal Pottery Blogger
Total 2012 posts: 278
Mentions in the Clay Blog Review: 39
Blogger Tracey Broome (North Carolina) gives us insight into her personal struggles and success with clay.

He does such a great job of synthesising and pinpointing all the great info in pottery blogs out there!  Not a small task!  If it’s not on your reading list, it should be!

If you like this blog, check out honorable mention: A Love Affair With Clay.

Thanks again for the Honourable Mention!

Written by Marian Williams

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