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Ponder, ponder!

Ponder, ponder!
Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anna · January 27, 2013

    my friend Inga Svendson stamps her work on the side and it becomes a ‘full stop’ to her design.

  2. carter gillies · January 27, 2013

    A stamp isn’t just your ‘signature’ but also a decorative element. One of the ways I use my stamp is to orient a pot for the viewer. Because I usually put the stamp mark on the sides rather than hidden underneath I like to think I’m telling the viewer where and how to look. “This is the front”, in other words. Although there is something nice about the surprise of a stamp on the bottom of a pot, it seems you can also actively use its placement as a way of orienting the viewer. What do YOU feel is the best way to look at your pots?

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