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Crazy, Crazy For Feeling So Stir-crazy

Crazy, Crazy For Feeling So Stir-crazy

That Patsy Cline song, Crazy, came to mind today as I look out the window at another rainy day!

Ok! I’ve had it with all the rain. I took this pic showing no rain and sunshine and then realized it looks pretty dismal! So I decided to soldier on, quit bitching and fire the kilns!
The main pieces I was firing were for my She-totem and a flower totem. I had some “not so happy surprises”, but my attitude is – “Oh Well!”
Here are the parts fired so far.

Here is the flower totem.

Good thing about firing is that it gives you time to clean up the studio. I decided to do a little spruce up by painting my studio.

It has turned into a major reno job-removing an old cabinet that wasn’t useful and a space killer- so that’s awesome! Now to finish the painting.

The rain has made everything grow like crazy, so we can enjoy the results in the beautiful flowers!

I’m firing the kiln this weekend again! So hopefully the rest of the totem will be fired and a few new functional pieces. I LOVE seeing the final outcome- good or bad- Altho I can be a bitch if its bad!
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Peace out!
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Written by Marian Williams

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  1. Anna · March 1, 2013

    Rain just starting to clear in Sydney (Friday night). Your flower totem is looking great! I have the same hibiscus in our garden :^)

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