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Pottery Studio-They Called It Mellow Yellow, that’s right!

Pottery Studio-They Called It Mellow Yellow, that’s right!

It’s almost too yellow!

I wanted to brighten, and lighten, the little studio at the front of our barn. The room had previously been a dinghy, dusty blue – resulting in a room that looked really tired.

The transformation was profound as you can see from the photos below!

Only one snafu. It was a total dumb and dumber moment!!!
Somehow I had gotten this really tall playform ladder into the room, but when it came time to get it out….. No matter what I tried….I couldn’t get it down. It was basically wedged into the room with about a quarter of an inch clearance!! Finally, my husband, Ronnie, had to take out screws and dismantle the ladder to get it out!! Duh! And Double Duh!!!

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Written by Marian Williams


  1. Adriana Christianson · March 5, 2013

    Love the ladder story Marian, good on you !
    The yellow looks great , I can say that from first hand viewing !!
    enjoy your SUNSHINE colour x

  2. Tua Pottery · March 5, 2013

    nothing like a new coat of paint. looking good marian

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