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Patience, My Dear, Patience….I Have NONE!!

Patience, My Dear, Patience….I Have NONE!!

Well, I should have waited to fire the kiln.  It was bucketing water from the dreary, cloud-filled sky.  It had not let up for days and days.  Literally, we are talking 40 days and 40 nights…we should build an ark!  But, no, I was determined to fire that kiln!  So I did.  But it didn’t ever get to temperature and no matter what I did…switching tanks, putting it into oxidation, opening the flue, adding more pressure from the tanks…NOTHING worked.  I convinced myself that there must have been an explosion that caused chards to block the flue or something, but nope, it was just too stinking rainy!!  When Adriana Christianson visited on Monday, she indicated that it was a problem with the barometric pressure and that must be the answer as nothing blew up.  But the top and lower cones never made it past cone 8, only a slightly bent cone 9, so most stuff was under fired.  Here’s what they looked like, so a refire is on the books!
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Written by Marian Williams


  1. Lori Buff · March 8, 2013

    That’s got to be so disappointing for you. I hope you have better weather for a better firing really soon.

  2. Elaine Bradley · March 10, 2013

    Bad luck darl! Pls send me your rain, as much as u can spare. Thanks

  3. smartcat · March 10, 2013

    So frustrating! What temp did you intend? The pots look pretty nice to me ( like your sense of color) but it’s hard to see a lot of the stuff in photos. Hope the weather improves soon!

    • Marian Williams · March 10, 2013

      I was going for cone 10- which is around 1250-1280 on my pyrometers. Temp got to 1212- then dropped back to 1190!-wouldn’t rise again! After 14 hours!!!! I gave up!

  4. Anna · March 30, 2013

    I’ve heard before about gas kilns being affected by the weather 🙁 do hope your refire works… and congrats on the new look..

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