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It Was A Love-Annoyed Relationship! My Giffin Grip!

It Was A Love-Annoyed Relationship! My Giffin Grip!

I LOVE my Giffin Grip! I know there are those who feel that trimming pots using this kind is aid is sort of “cheating”, but for me, it is a lifesaver!  I think that this quote in a Giffin advertisement states why I enjoy using the Giffin Grip so much:

Recently, howere, I’ve had to go back to trimming pots the old-fashioned way – centering and attaching with clay – because my Giffin Grip was just off-center a bit- but enough to really make the pots impossible to trim neatly!  I NEED my Giffin Grip!  Soooo annoyed!

While at NCECA 2013, I stopped by the Giffin Grip booth and inquired as to how to solve my problem. Low and behold, there was Brian Giffin who is the originator of the Giffin Grip!


I was so excited to meet him and he was wonderful!  He handed me a new set of bottom brackets, which is the three brackets on the bottom of the Grip which hold it onto the wheel head.


I asked “how much” they were and Brian Giffin said, “Nothing,  just take them.”  Wow!!! How nice is that!

I have had my Griffin Grip for about 10 years and I assume that this is a fairly common problem with this fantastic tool!

I have already re-attached them and am excited to see if the trimming is more precise!  I know it will be!

Giffin Grip

Giffin Grip

In addition to the old tried and true Giffin Grip, they have a couple of new products as well!  One assists in trimming altered (not round) pots and the other is for really large pieces-Perfect!


The New Giffin Grip for trimming large pieces


The new Giffin Grip for throwing altered or “not round” pieces.

And thank you very much, Mr. Giffin Grip, Brian Giffin!

Here is there website if you need more info.  Click Here!

Written by Marian Williams

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