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Inspiration: Spirituality, Religion, & Pottery

Inspiration: Spirituality, Religion, & Pottery

I love this!!! It speaks volumes doesn’t it!?  Haven’t we all been in a place where we were supposed to be contemplative – a class, a meeting, church, yoga or meditation – and all we could think about was potting!  And I have been potting when I think of the most incredible ideas, solutions to problems, or at least have thoughts that sooth my soul.  Yes, pottery is spiritual – it is a passion, a joy, a way to live one’s life.

This was written on the chalkboard at Murwillumbah Potters Group in Fernvale, NSW.

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Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anonymous · January 13, 2012

    I love this saying. Infact, yesterday at church I was designing clay puff hearts in my head during the sermon. My friend I was sitting next to said she had gone to the Bahamas. Judith

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