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Pottery ROCK STARS at NCECA! PotterLoves

Pottery ROCK STARS at NCECA!  PotterLoves

I suppose that every career/interest group has its “ROCK STARS” -those of that profession that shine above all the others and create a following that is evidence of the reverence, admiration, adoration and sheer LOVE of that person and their work by those of us striving to achieve some level of expertise.

Pottery or Ceramics, as a profession, is no different.  In fact, we definitely have our Pottery Rock Stars! It may vary amongst potters, but there are a few potters that are at the top of the heap and I got to see some of them at NCECA 2013!

I’ll go into more depth about each of them in a later post, but in this post, I just wanted to share with you my excitement at seeing these amazing potters!!!

First person I saw that I recognised was the famous and oh-so-talented, Cynthia Bringle!


Cynthia Bringle & Marian Williams

Cynthia Bringle & Marian Williams

Then I saw Tom Coleman, King of the Copper Red Glaze and spokesman for Geil Kilns, speaking to a group!

Tom Coleman

Tom Coleman

Next, I bumped into Steven Hill, potter extraordinaire!, and he was lovely to chat with!

Steven Hill

Steven Hill

And for me and all Aussies, the Rock Star of Glazes, Greg Daly was there!


How cool was that!  I have more to tell you about each one, but that is for another post.

Sleep well, my little ones.  Sweet dreams of pots!

Written by Marian Williams

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