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Are You Too Obsessed With Pottery?

Are You Too Obsessed With Pottery?

My anniversary was last week.  I found myself annoyed that my husband wanted to “do” something on our anniversary – like go to lunch and hangout – all DAY!! on a WEEK DAY!!! I could be throwing pots, loading the kiln….doing something fun that I wanted to do!!!

My husband pointed out to me that I’m OBSESSED with pottery…that I when I’m not actually “doing” pottery, I’m looking at the web at pictures of pottery, reading blogs, researching glaze recipes, etc.  Or reading books about pottery.  Or wanting to go to a gallery opening.  Or going to buy clay and supplies…Then I realized – (and I really, really HATE to say this!) but he is RIGHT!!!

SO I’ve decided to make a big attempt to improve on my dispersal of my time and energies.  This has been going on for about a week and I’m actually surprised how relieved I feel.  My compulsion to do pottery has been overwhelming (and I must admit that I’m writing this while watching TV on a quiet Sunday evening – seriously, I’m taking time off!).

It’s become sooo bad that there are times that I don’t do my hair for days, wear the same clothes 3 days in a row (they are just going to get dirty again!), and avoid housework for weeks at a time!!  And let’s not even talk about my weight gain and lack of concern about that area of my appearance!!

Tracey Broome writes a blog which I follow and she recently has come to some of the same conclusions.  I guess the stars are aligned right that we are feeling the same on this matter.  Here’s what Tracey had to say about this in a recent blog post titled “Enough is enough” – it’s awesome by the way!

Enough is enough

“For the past ten years I have been completely obsessed with clay. Learning how to throw on the wheel, how to hand build, to mix glazes, sell my work, get in galleries, get in good shows. I even took a workshop on kiln building. I know a lot, I’ll never know enough, and definitely will never ever know all there is to know about clay. But all this learning and obsession has pushed many things aside, including my appearance. Dirty clothes all the time, hair that barely gets brushed, dirty fingernails,worn out shoes. Charming right? I have had no interest in fashion or shopping and my eating habits sort of took the same path. I was shoving in whatever I could grab at the drive through on my way to the studio, or not eating lunch because I was involved with my clay. Well, I’m just about tired of this lifestyle and ready for a change. The hair brushing is still an issue, but I have been putting on some cute clothes and wearing better shoes. I just braid my tangled hair and no one knows the difference! If you look back at the photos of me at the beginning of this blog, you can see how the pounds have piled on and really in a very short time. I was around 135 when I started this blog!” Tracey Broome’s Blog post

I can so relate to everything she said!!
I’ve made a decision to change.  Here’s what I’m doing:  (I know, HORRORS!)
  • Actually taking a shower each morning.
  • Wearing makeup when I go out.
  • Wearing jewellery! (I love my jewellery! but I NEVER wear it anymore!)
  • Wearing clean clothes in public.
  • Wearing nice shoes in public.
  • Eating better-going to lose weight!!! No bread, no chocolate, no cokes!
  • Taking time to do other things in my life, like writing, teaching, consulting.
  • And spending quality time with my family!!!

I feel like this is true confession.  But sometimes it’s cathartic to put things in writing.

I hope that this isn’t a “forgotten” promise to myself.  It can only make things better!

And like any “love affair”, there are those seminal moments that create changes.  Here’s to change!




Written by Marian Williams

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  1. Julie Sieving · August 11, 2013

    Balance is good!! But difficult. Since im just starting my love affair my obsession has just started and growing. I have been trying to keep the balance, but when im not creating and im doing balance my mind is still in the studio. Ha. I have to say even though my body is somewherelse doing somethingelse my brain is still in my studio. How about potterers anonymous group? Ha. Good luck Marian and tracey! Julie

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