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Bukran Edit-Hungarian Potter

Bukran Edit-Hungarian Potter

In a recent cleanup, I ran across the postcard and business card of Bukran Edit, a potter from Hungary.  I visited Hungary a looooonnnnggg time ago (2002) and was fortunate that the Christmas market, which was so cool, was being held in Budapest.  I was interested to see if this potter was still working.

Thanks to good old Google, I found her!! I loved her work back when, but was absolutely gobsmacked by the work she is still doing!

Bakran Edit

Bakran Edit

Amazing, amazing, amazing!  Very intricate work!

Check out her full website HERE – the website is in Hungarian and there is no English translation, but the photos will suffice!!! Enjoy and…

Next time you are in Hungary, look her up!

Szia (see-ah) – In Hungarian that means Hello-Goodbye!! – a little like “ciao”.


Written by Marian Williams

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