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Contemplation Time

Contemplation Time

Sometimes downtime is a good thing.

It allows you time to think, read and think again.

I’ve read Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like An Artist before, but it’s good to read it again. He just gives such amazing, practical advice !!

And you know what? Those pots that I was in such a rush to fire when I fell and broke my ribs are still in the kiln waiting to be fired. The world has not come to an end!

So chill a bit. Stop. Think. Breathe. Enjoy your life.

Peace out!



Written by Marian Williams


  1. Barb Rogers · November 4, 2013

    Be healthy, be happy. So the direction has changed for a while…your life is still wonderful. I’m waiting for you where we left off…sharing pottery. You can make some great sketches if you are so inclined. It isn’t so much “until then” as “right now.”

  2. Marian Williams · November 6, 2013

    Ah…Thanks! Glad you are waiting for me! Cause I do love sharing pottery! All the best and I will get out my sketch book!

  3. FutureRelicsGallery · November 7, 2013

    Reading while healing is always a good use of the down time. Reading something that helps you heal emotionally while your body heals physically is even better. That’s a great little book, everyone should read it. Feel better.

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