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Computerizing Your Glaze Recipes: HyperGlaze

Computerizing Your Glaze Recipes:  HyperGlaze

Glazing! It can be your passion, but also your nemesis!

Here is the verbage straight from their website as to what it will do for you as a potter:

What is HyperGlaze X?

“HyperGlaze X(tm) (version 10)is easy-to-use glaze software designed for artists who use ceramic materials, HyperGlaze can be used as a database to store clay and glaze recipes and to list raw materials and their analyses. It also has many powerful tools for glaze calculation.

It’s frustrating when you can’t find a certain glaze recipe among all your notes and papers. Or when want to mix up a batch of 18 pounds instead of the 500 grams the recipe yields in your notebook. Or when you want to substitute an ingredient. You can spend all your time sifting through notebooks and old magazines, and you can sit down with a pencil and do a lot of tedious recalculation.
Or you can let HyperGlaze do the calcuations for you!

No more lost recipes! Searching is easy and fast. HyperGlaze is an easy-to-use glaze notebook, a sophisticated glaze calculator, and an invaluable teaching tool — all in one!

Accurate glaze mixing! Automatically figures ingredient amounts for a batch of any size. Converts grams to pounds and vice versa.

Fix glaze problems! No Albany Slip? Gerstley borate gone again? No problem –recalculate your favorite glaze with new ingredients. Unwanted crazing? Make a few adjustments to the thermal expansion! You can even create a new glaze from scratch. The well-written help stack guides you through these steps.

HyperGlaze is simple enough for anyone to use, but its powerful features satisfy even the most demanding glaze chemist.”

Sounds great! But it would require some serious computer time! But…I think I’ll give it a try!

Here are some of the screen shots so that you can see what the software looks like. HyperGlaze Screen Shots

Let me know if you have used it (or other software) and what you think!

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Written by Marian Williams

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