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Fireborn’s Oriental Glazes!

Fireborn’s Oriental Glazes!

I LOVE Oriental glazes!  They are just so colourful and yum and difficult and sensuous and they are what I strive for! Daniel Vito and Donna Hetrick’s Fireborn Studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a studio, gallery, and classroom!

Their  website has some great info and great pics of the glazes I would kill for! Luv to all you potters out there! A Love Affair with Clay Logo Color Chloe

Written by Marian Williams


  1. Llewellyn Kouba Abbey Pottery · August 26, 2014

    I am doing a cone 6 gas reduction fire. I would love some input on what temperature and procedure I should follow in the fire down /cool down cycle. I’ve read I may get better colors. I’ve never tried this. Any helps would be appreciated.

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