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Paul McCoy: Ceramist, Professor, Director

Paul McCoy: Ceramist, Professor, Director

Recently I was fortunate enough to get to visit my alma mater, Baylor University, and speak with Paul McCoy.

Paul McCoy has been at Baylor for 28 years and wears many “hats” there!  He’s Professor of Art, Ceramist-in-Residence, and the Director-Allbritton Art Institute  – and then he fires kilns, talks to people like me, is involved in a gillion other things, and then acquires the Harding Black Collection!!!!  Wow!  I truly appreciated that he took the time to meet with me, show me his work and the Harding Black Collection.

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This is only a fraction of the Harding Black Collection housed at Baylor University.

My main focus on the visit was to see the Harding Black Collection (that post is coming and it was amazing!), but meeting Paul McCoy, seeing his work and the studios at Baylor was an added bonus!

Paul showed me around the campus, bought my lunch at the Baylor Faculty Dining Room, and talked to me for hours – I’m so lucky!  What an amazing teacher, man, and philanthropist.

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Paul McCoy in the teaching studio at Baylor University.

He’s one of those guys that is obviously loved by his students and the university as everywhere we went, – students, other professors, and friends stopped to say ‘hello’ – to a guy that they all obviously revered and loved.

Paul’s work and studio are fantastic!  His glaze work, vessels, creativity and craftmanship are all amazing.  Here are some photos of what I got to see!  (Click on each photo to get a larger version.)

The facilities at Baylor are wonderful! – a great deal better than when I took ceramic classes from Hilda Smith in the basement of the old Carroll Science Building!

If you are looking for more information about Paul McCoy, check out these links:

St. Alban’s Mission Market 

Flye School

I have to say that although Paul McCoy is an excellent ceramist. and he is obviously a fantastic professor, one of his great achievements while at Baylor would have to be the acquisition of the Harding Black Collection.  It is a treasure!


Well done, Paul McCoy!

Peace out my potter sisters and brothers,


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Written by Marian Williams


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