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Tom Turner

Tom Turner

Do I get crushes?  You bet!  Especially when I see a copper red! Tom Turner is my lastest crush.

Recently, I saw Tom Turner on Facebook -here is his link- Click here.

Tom is a long-time potter and quite the expert on porcelain as you can see from his video on YouTube:

Copper Red Glazes - Oxidation-Tom Turner

Tom Turner – Copper Red in Oxidation –Source

Tom Turner - Oxidation Glazes- Copper Red

Tom Turner – Oxidation Glazes- Copper Red –Source

What I saw amazed me and intrigued me!  Copper Reds in Electric?  Tom gave the link to his article in 2012 Ceramic Arts and Perception Technical No. 35Click Here

Tom says about these photos above:  “From the retro (collection), a chemically reduced copper red oxblood fired in an electric kiln, no atmospheric reduction, all in the glaze.”

He does proper gas kiln cone 10 copper red reduction as well, but these are amazing!  Gotta love those copper reds!

And gotta love Tom Turner!

Peace out!  Lovelies






Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anna · June 12, 2014

    very nice… I might have to have another look at that article 🙂

  2. Tom Turner · June 12, 2014

    I blush copper red too. (-; thank you.

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