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Aventurine Glazes: I Have One! A Gift!

Aventurine Glazes:  I Have One! A Gift!

I recently received a gift from my good friend, Alanis Su, upon her return from a visit to Taiwan.  It was a small bowl with the most incredible and interesting glaze – it sparkled as though gold flecks had been added to the glaze!  I had never seen anything like it!  and had no idea what it was!

By the way, the pictures don’t do it justice!

Aventurine Glaze

Aventurine Glaze

Aventurine Glaze

Aventurine Glaze

Aventurine Glaze

Aventurine Glaze

Then in two separate blog posts, I heard about a new glaze called aventurine!  One blog post was by Peter’s Pottery from New Zealand, in which he states: “One new glaze that I am particularly interested in, is an aventurine glaze. This is a special type of low alumina glaze that contains an enormous amount of iron oxide. If all goes well the glaze will be full of tiny sparkling crystals, rather like a chocolate coloured night sky full of stars!”

The other blog post was by John Britt, USA, Facebook Page from ClayClub Blog featuring this video:


However, it’s been out there for quite a while.  Here’s some more info on it if you want to know more:

Aventurine Glazes


Clayart Thread

So it seems that I have a sample of one of the new hot things in glazing!

Marian Williams-Alanis Su

Alanis Su and Marian Wiliams

Thanks Alanis!



Written by Marian Williams

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