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Raku! Pyromaniac?! – I Think I Am One.

Raku! Pyromaniac?! – I Think I Am One.

It all started when I was a kid. There were 3 types of afternoon/after school chores- and 3 of us kids- so each of us got one chore. One was – take out all the trash and burn it. 2. Take out the garbage and feed the chickens. 3. Feed the pigs-water the trees. Guess which one I picked?

Back in my day, you could actually set fire to all your trash in a daily basis if you wanted. Sometimes we’d let it pile up for a couple of days, then burn it. We had big 50 gallon metal drums for our trash bins- so they held a lot.

There’s absolutely nothing like striking a match (no gas lighters here!) and catching a piece of Kleenex or newspaper on fire and then watching it spread. It’s so fascinating to watch how various things burn and how they are consumed by fire! Orange peels don’t burn very good at all- but cardboard and plastics make fascinating viewing! To heck with after school tv programming! Who needs it when you can watch trash burn!!

But I digress. The point I’m making here is that I’m pretty much a pyro – and from an early age!

Marian Williams-Raku

This is how jubilant I feel when rakuing! Marian Williams

We recently had a raku firing day at our barn. About 20 people showed up! Each with that familiar pyro maniacal look in their eye- fire!!!


Sandy, Ronda, Warwick and Carol

Jacki glazing her pots for Raku

Jacki glazing her pots for Raku


Ann, Shirley and Nora are glazing pots for raku.

That song from The Crazy World of Arthur Brown- “fire” came to mind as we lit up the flames and gathered round to gawk at the molten hot pots being pulled from the flames and then allowed to ignite even more fire in the reduction cans! Oh the glory- the passion- the thrill of a burning flame !!! Pyros! One and all!!

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Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anna · September 15, 2014

    I love the immediate results of raku (and the flame) great to be able to have a backyard to have your raku firing in..

  2. Lyndall Bensley · September 17, 2014

    You are an amazing, generous and creative soul. Not only do you put on a great RAKU firing but your hubby cooks a mean BBQ. Can’t wait for the next RAKU

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