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Merran Esson!

Merran Esson!
Merran Esson Workshop

Merran Esson

Did I mention that I’m sort of a workshop junkie?! Well, I am and am I happy about it!  Got to go to the Ceramic Skills Workshop by Merran Esson at the Gold Coast Potters and sponsored by the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

She’s such a legend and I have admired her work for a long time.  Her website (Click Here) will give you heaps of information about her and her many accomplishments.

Merran Esson workshop

Merran Esson talking to the workshop participants outside the studio.

She got us all started making very organic and earthy forms by taking us on a tour of the area around the studio and showing us how to get great textures on our clay using the natural textures in the world.  By using a bit of talc (Merran suggested a sprinkling container of baby powder as the easiest method if you are at the beach or out in nature) to keep the clay from sticking to the rock, tree or other texture that you have decided to use.

These are the clay slabs that I textured and got ready to use.

Merran Esson workshop

Textured Clay Slabs

Merran Esson workshop

This is the shape on cardboard that I got as my starting point.

Once back inside the studio, Merran gave us each a piece of cardboard with a shape drawn on it.  This was to be the base shape of our form.  A first piece of clay was placed on the cardboard and the building began.

Please click on the small images to see a larger version of each pic.

Merran also demonstrated making a form for a piece by taping cardboard together.

Her outcome was brilliant!!

Our final outcomes were pretty darned amazing!

So you have to ask, why all the workshops!?  Well, I always come away feeling small and unworthy, but inspired!  I always see a side of clay work that I hadn’t considered before and I learn some new techniques with each workshop.

I guess like they say, when I quit learning, I’ll be dead!

Peace out, my little pottery earthlings!


Written by Marian Williams

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