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Ohr and Britt – Getting Me Back On Track!

Ohr and Britt – Getting Me Back On Track!
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John Britt’s New Book on Midfire Glazes

John Britt and George Ohr got me to thinking.

While on vacation for Chrissy in the USA, I came to the realization that I’ve let so many distractions into my life that my own work has suffered, if not regressed! So I’ve decided to attack my priorities anew and get myself back on track!

One thing that got me to thinking was John Britt’s new book on Mid-fire Glazes.

It is written so expertly, yet simply and it has really made me think about what I’m trying to achieve – why the struggle for cone 10 reduction? Why have I tried Raku, woodfiring, pit firing, and all sorts of other things?! (who knows the answer to all those questions?!  When I fiugre it out, I’ll let you know!)

Britt’s book is amazing!  A great read!

One of my favorite tips- TO AVOID RUINING YOUR KILN SHELVES WITH DRIPPY GLAZES (like that would never happen, right?!)

1.  Roll thin slabs of clay

2.  Bisque them

3.  Kiln wash the thin slabs

4.  Place the thin kiln-washed slabs on your kiln shelves

5.  Fire your work on those thin slabs!!!

Saving your kiln shelves! Brilliant! and WHY didn’t I think of that?????

Plus his book is full of hundreds of brilliant glazes and LOADS of information!!

Buy it here on Amazon!

Buy it here from John Britt’s website (and he’ll sign your copy!)

Or if you are in Australia or New Zealand try this website for the Book Depository! (it says free shipping anywhere in the world! That’s good!)

I still love my cone 10 glazes and can’t see changing now, but the idea of midfire glazes lurks in my brain and his book makes it totally DOABLE!!

George Ohr:  The Greatest Art Potter On Earth

George Ohr: The Greatest Art Potter On Earth

Another amazing book that I read while on holiday was George Ohr:  The Greatest Art Potter On Earth by Eugene Hecht.

George Ohr, art pottery, crazy potter, biloxi,

George Ohr – The Crazy Potter of Biloxi, Mississippi

George Ohr – fascinating guy!

His work is totally öff the charts” in terms of creativity and originality!  But it again makes me wonder why I’m not doing the “Marian pottery” that I so long to create!!!!

George Ohr, Vase,

George Ohr Vases

George Ohr, vase, pottery, art pottery

George Ohr Vase

George Ohr, art pottery, vase, pottery

George Ohr Vase

Isn’t his work great?!  It excites me to see no limits!

Here’s a video about George Ohr and the Museum of his work in Biloxi, Mississippi  – on my “bucket list”of places to visit someday!

I basically have no excuses – I just need to keep working and creating!  It’s all happening!

Peace out, Potter buddies!





Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anna · January 22, 2015

    thanks for another great post – there are so many awesome ways with clay it is very easy to get distracted…

  2. FutureRelicsGallery · January 24, 2015

    I’ve been finding it hard to get into the studio as often as I want for about a month. I understand, but you do have to make time for your clay, it might be good for the soul.

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