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What Keanu Reeves And I Have In Common

What Keanu Reeves And I Have In Common

Maybe I don’t have ANYTHING in common with Keanu Reeves, but I do think his character in the Matrix movie, Neo, and I have a lot in common.

You know that scene in the Matrix where Keanu Reeves “gets it”?  He’s learned how to fight – and it comes to him automatically…almost in slow motion. Or was it the kissing scene that got me going? But I digress….

keanu reeves, pottery, he gets it, motivation

Keanu Reeves: He gets it too!

That’s what it’s felt like this week!  I’m focusing, being deliberate, being careful, thoughtful and it is so weird that it almost seems like I’m working in slow motion.  So that’s where I figure that Keanu Reeve and I have something in common – we are finally “getting it”!

I’ve struggled with my work – tried to work feverishly to make enough stuff to make me a good potter.  But I’ve slowed it all down.  I’m focusing.  I’m trying to work more deliberately, more planned, more careful!

Very exciting!  Here’s a sample of this week’s work!

raku, feather raku, terra sigillata

Raku Forms for Feather Raku

Pottery bowls, pottery stamps, altered pottery

Bowls! Stamped and Altered.


Peace out my lovelies,


Written by Marian Williams

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