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There’s A FLY In My Car-Driving Me Crazy

There’s A FLY In My Car-Driving Me Crazy

Even Kate Middleton Has Trouble With Aussie Flies!

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Even Kate Middleton Has Trouble With Aussie Flies!

Flies here in Australia are the most annoying insect on the planet!  They literally try to get into your nose or your mouth!  The Aussie Salute refers to the action of “waving one’s hand in front of the face at regular intervals in order to prevent bush flies from landing on it, or entering one’s nose or mouth.”

As I drove down the road recently, a fly – one fly – kept incessantly bugging me!  Trying to get into my nose (which I absolutely hate! Ask anyone in my family- I’ll kill you if you touch my nose!), my mouth and just buzzing me!

It reminded me of the story they told (truth or fiction) about Lindberg’s crossing of the Atlantic – that a fly was in the airplane cabin with him and flew around buzzing him and keeping him from falling asleep on his historic flight.

lindbergh, spirit of saint louis, pottery

Lindbergh and The Spirit of Saint Louis

Without this little annoying fly, Lindbergh could have fallen into the ocean and never made it across the Atlantic.

Which brings me to my point.  Sometimes, those really annoying, frustrating things in your life are the very things that keep you from falling asleep – from going brain dead – from not noticing.

So I say, be thankful for all those little annoying things in life.  Yes, they can be extremely frustrating!  but they can also keep you from falling asleep and missing the party!

I think I’m speaking directly about all the frustrations surrounding my work as a potter – and there are plenty!  I need to be thankful for them, for without them, I might be lulled into complacency – not noticing – what’s going on around me.

For instance, glazing! I can make a great form and then f*** it up with a bad glaze job!

Or I’m careless trimming a pot and punch right through the bottom!

But each issue, creates an awareness in me that wouldn’t have been there had it not been for that problem.

Be thankful for it all- the good and the bad!



Written by Marian Williams


  1. Anna · February 23, 2015

    Perhaps it is those frustrations that keep us potters going! Hopefully no flys in the studio 🙂

  2. Beth · July 17, 2015

    Awesome. Now I know flies can prevent Alzheimer’s. Lol

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