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Feather And Horsehair Raku

Feather And Horsehair Raku
Feather Raku by Marian Williams Pottery

Feather Raku by Marian Williams Pottery

Horsehair/Feather Raku requires the gathering of feathers.  Unlike the USA, where you cannot collect feathers from indigenous birds when found dead on the road, roadkill in Australia is fair game.

So…when Morgan Lloyd told me of a dead bird on the road, I was on it!  Got on my ATV and took off up the road with rubber gloves and plastic bag in hand.  Brought it home, plucked the feathers that were suitable and am good to go for raku this week!

Marian Williams, roadkill, bush turkey, feathers, raku

Here’s my roadkill bush turkey!


Written by Marian Williams


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  2. jan · June 19, 2016

    I am in Virginia, USA, and have collected feathers in parks where ducks and geese gather. Feather dusters have some varied ones also. Beyond that, I have had to purchase them in packages at craft stores. LOVE the roadkill idea.

    • Marian Williams · June 21, 2016

      Thanks! It can be gross taking the roadkill route, but can be quite interesting. I recently used peacock feathers with happy results! Happy potting!
      Thanks for reading and commenting.
      All the best,

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