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Shibori Ceramics

Shibori Ceramics

shibori ,ceramics, pottery


Shibori! It’s everywhere you look these days!  All the shops are offering tops, towels, dresses, table linens, pillows, and more in Shibori.

I was only recently made aware of Shibori when doing a baby shower and the theme was Boho Gypsy (yep, it’s a thing!) and we made Shibori Bunting.  It was great fun and looked so good when decorating the home of the expectant mum!


The finished product! Shibori Bunting Hung!

So I’ve been on a cobalt binge as a result and making plates/ceramics to match.

  • shibori pottery

image Shibori, ceramics, pottery Shibori, ceramics, pottery Shibori, ceramics, pottery

Written by Marian Williams

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