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Bill Powell: Pottery Rock Star Strikes Again!

Bill Powell:  Pottery Rock Star Strikes Again!


Bill Powell potteryIf you have read my previous post about Bill Powell being The Rock Star of Crystalline Glazes, you won’t be surprised to find out that he is also the Rock Star of Throwing Big Pots!

After attending a recent Bill Powell workshop offered by Ceramic Arts Queensland at the Brisbane Institute of Art location, I can honestly say that he is an amazing, talented thrower of Big Pots!!

He is a great potter, teacher and also a great entertainer!  His use of the flame on his pots to dry them out in order to keep stretching, pushing the limits – dazzled us and added to the drama of his throwing.

Here he is “stretching” a vessel:

  • bill powell art
    It all starts with a big lump of clay.

Bill works 2-3 days a week at Beechmountain Pottery, throwing 45-60 vessels per day – working from 9-1 pm before heading home to work on his own pots and his beloved crystalline glazes.

bill powell art

Bill Powell’s Crystalline Glazed pottery

Be sure to check out the video of him throwing on this page.

Bill also has several videos on Youtube – here is an example of one, but check out this link for more:  Bill Powell on Youtube

Bill gave us a glimpse into the life of a production potter as he threw several examples of Kombucha pots and Water Filter Systems.

The second part of the workshop allowed us to watch Bill throw a huge platter and large vessels made in two pieces then joined – amazing!

Bill Powell pottery

Click on the pictures below to get a larger picture.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Bill Powell in action if there is another workshop around.  You’ll learn heaps – and he is such a Rock Star!

Thanks to Ceramic Arts Queensland for putting on such a great workshop!


Written by Marian Williams


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