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NCECA aftermath

NCECA aftermath

I’ve been sick as a dog since returning from NCECA- a major chest cold! I think the flying from Australia- the getting to Kansas City- and the fury of trying to see everything/do everything in two days took its toll! I thought I could get there on Thursday early, but as the airlines can rule your life- I only got to Kansas City about 4pm- not enough of the day- but we made the most of it- and Friday was crazy- so much fun! Saturday- not much going on except final speeches- I’m ADD and can’t sit through that- as a former academic I’m sort of done with all the theoretical shit- I’m down to basics- that’s why the exhibit hall was my cup of tea!!! Solutions to problems!!! New tools!!


*so many potters in the USA!!! Lots of diverse work- I think in Australia the “type” of pottery that is seen as good or in style narrows too much.

*nothing you want to make is wrong- it’s all good and ok!

*potters are a great group of people!

Here’s a photo tour of my NCECA:


Don’t miss it next year in Portland- start planning now!!!

Written by Marian Williams


  1. Bill Powell · March 30, 2016

    Marian, could you straighten up the photos. My neck…my neck . I am trying to make Portland happen. Is it worth the journey? Love to talk later about your experience. Bill

  2. Caroline · March 31, 2016

    Wow, so much to look at. I had to go back through each photo again. No wonder you were exhausted trying to get to everything.

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