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Refires…Do They Work, Look Better?

Refires…Do They Work, Look Better?

refired glaze, pottery, black and chunRefiring work is risky…it can warp, bloat, run, look worse…OR it can look so much better!

I tend to gamble on the second part and I do refire pieces that I think “deserve” a second chance.

So what do I mean by “deserve”?  Well, the piece that is technically, structurally sound; the piece that just missed a spot or two of glaze; the piece that needs more “oomph” to the glaze; or the piece that looks/is underfired, in my opinion, deserves a second chance.

When I reglaze a piece for a refire, I, firstly, make sure that it is dust free.

Then I spray a glaze completely over the inside of the piece, adding accent glaze here and there – it’s a gamble, but it’s fun to try to improve on the ugly!  You’ve already gone to the trouble of making it, bisquing it and firing it once…why not go the next step and try to make it worthy of your efforts!

Here are a bunch of refires and I’ll let you judge for yourself:

refired pottery

The mug LOOKED better…but ran and stuck to the little piece of clay that I put under it to save the shelf – thankfully!

refires, refiring pottery

Here is an example of what CAN happen! Only one of the six refired bowls did this…unfortunately, it then stuck to the bowl sitting next to it!

Generally, the refire was worth it.  On several glazes that were clear, adding another layer of clear and refiring just made it smooth out and look great!  Give it a go….you never know!

Fire on!

marian williams pottery



Written by Marian Williams

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