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About Me

I’m originally from Texas and have lived in Australia for 12 years.  I am now a dual citizen.
I’ve worked in clay since my days in uni.
I have a passion for high fire glazes – the old Oriental ones:  copper reds, tenmoku, chun, etc.  It makes the kiln openings quite exciting.
I hope you love my work and welcome your inquiries and visits.
The brave maynot live foreverbut the cautious do not live at all
Here is a video showing our property and my studio! Click here!
Here are two blog posts describing my studio.  The Shed!  The Add On!
Recently, my daughter had a dream about me!  She dreamed that I was a Sumerian Potter in a former life!  I love that!  Read about it in the post:  Dreams.
 If you would like to know why I blog and a little of my philosophy about clay, read this post which explains why I write about my love affair with clay.